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. Bruno Mars (Just The Way You Are) I can't remember any situation when I was not thinking about you and smiling to myself. And that source is your smile! I am massively and crazily addicted to you. I feel so protected and safe when you're near me. I am feeling so emotional thinking about you and I am missing those wonderful days we spent together. I love you in a place where there's no space or time. You’ll never know how much you mean to me. Send it through text, through a voice recording, or, if you want to be really romantic, through a handwritten letter that you can mail right to her doorstep! I automatically smile whenever I see you. Look at the stars and call my name. I promise to love you for eternity. Aug 15, 2018 · You’re my weakness as I’m yours, you’re my strength as I’m yours, you’re my happiness as I’m yours, you’re the reason for everything I am darling, you’re just all I ever want. I need a long CUTE paragraph for my boyfriend to wake up to. 5. . I miss your presence, the way you sleep, the way you laugh, and pretty much everything about you. . ”. Whenever you miss your step, I'll bring you back to me. ” Whether they make us feel confident and hold our head a little higher or give us that glow of warmth that is far too fleeting. “You know, I think it’s time for us to go on another date. . . Good morning. Read. Begin the texting with a good conversation. I hope we stick together forever like the stars to the sky at night. #16. It gives me the strength to be on top of my games. 35. . I appreciate the way you challenge me. I am truly blessed to have you as a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day when we start a new life. . When we are apart, I cannot wait to return to your arms, see your smile, and hear your laugh. So you can take ideas from these sample texts and I am sure your ex-boyfriend will love these ‘Letter to My Ex-Boyfriend that Will. When we're apart, I'm so worried about losing you but tonight, as we lie here together, I know. . 2. . Make her smile and leave her with a positive feeling. Everything we’ve been through has made us stronger. Hi love, good morning! I want you to wake up with a bright smile on your face because you are the one to make me laugh all day long! I can’t get enough of that fuzzy feeling in my stomach whenever I am with you. Short wedding vows for him. In the dark, I am calling your name. I promise to love you for eternity. Send flowers, candy, electronic gadgets and the things he loves as gifts every once in a while. With the whole of my heart, body, and mind, I love you completely, and there is nothing else in this world that makes me so happy!. So you can take ideas from these sample texts and I am sure your ex-boyfriend will love these ‘Letter to My Ex-Boyfriend that Will. As all we know that words are very strong; find the correct nicknames for boyfriend and compliment will make him smile. . Everywhere is home as long as you take me there, my love. It’s also safe to say that I’ve fallen deeply in love with you. ” “You’re rarer than one in a million – you’re more like my one in a billion. . After we are aside, I can’t wait to go back in your palms, see your smile, and listen to your giggle. I love you more than you’re aware of. #2. What matters to me the most is your presence. . 3. ”. ” Babe, thank you for coming into my life.

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